Client Stories

J. Carey, patient at Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy

I had a football injury and, after many hours sitting in A and E, I was told that I had a badly sprained ankle. I rang Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy and Alison saw me the following day. She considered there to be an aligned hairline fracture and she would treat it to ensure the maximum healing occurred.

Alison was right - a week later A and E phoned and apologised that there was a small aligned hairline fracture! However the healing progress was excellent even in this short time and the consultant stated this was due to the high standard of physiotherapy I had received.

Thanks to Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy my injury has taken much shorter a period of time to heal and I have full range of movement - looking forward to getting back to football!

J. Carey

Cannot thanks Alison and Vicki enough for there help, support and guidance over the last year. There happy, friendly approach eases your pain before they put their healing hands to work.

I would highly recommend their service.

B. Davies

A. Daniels, patient at Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy

In April 2014 I hurt my back. The doctors could only offer pain killers. I could feel my back starting to bend. I tried NHS physiotherapy and many different methods that would supposedly help, but none of them did any good. By this time it was late October and I was getting worse every day. I walked past Alison’s practice one day and noticed the information on the window. I called in and it was the best thing I ever did.

It has taken about 2 and a half months, but I am now upright walking. I am 78 years old, so this is a wonderful thing for me and all my family are amazed how well I have done. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I would recommend her to everyone.

A. Daniels

M. Snowden, patient at Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy

Alison is the person who over the years has kept my many injuries , aches and pains under control so I can enjoy my hillwalking. Always cheerful and positive, she has fixed what have seemed to me major problems allowing me to trek to annapurna base camp and regularly walk the welsh 3000 foot hills.

I have also found the treatments to help reduce migraine and stress. I would recommend trying physio with Alison to anyone.

M. Snowden

G. Wood, patient at Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy

Securing a place in London Marathon seemed to be the easy bit as I couldn’t get past 10-13 miles. I was experiencing intense lower back and hip pain that would stop me taking another stride. I was so down thinking my dream was over as my body failed me, but I saw Alison, who was confident that she would get me to 26.2 miles; although I wasn’t.

After Alison’s physio sessions and pilate stretches with Lucy, I did it, my first marathon, I crossed the line in 4 hrs 33 mins. Alison you were so right and I really couldn’t have completed this challenge without you. Thank you all so much for getting me to my goal. You’re all amazing.

G. Wood

P. Pritchard, patient at Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy

I broke my shoulder in February 2015 and chose Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy as I always like to support local businesses. First impressions are important and all the staff are very friendly and helpful.

My treatment is ongoing and my progress is amazing. Victoria Kelly, in particular, has treated me in a thoroughly professional way with a kindness and empathy that allows me to recommend her and the practice with no hesitation whatsoever.

P. Pritchard

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